At Business & Tourist Services, we are committed towards contributing to various schools, NGOs and organizations. Not only do we see it as just a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, but it is our absolute commitment to fund and work aggressively on several projects in the areas of education, wildlife conservation and social growth.

The cause we feel most strongly about is education, as we truly believe that through learning the living conditions of the less-privileged can be dramatically improved. As part of our education projects, we have adopted a local school at Pushkar. We off-set a large part of the running cost of the school through daily lunches for the students and monetary contributions that go towards the general upkeep of the school.

At Orchard, our tented resort in Pushkar, we employ 90% of our staff from the local Ganahera Village and the surrounding areas. We have trained them in all aspects of the hospitality business that enables them to serve clientele from across the globe. As the resort is located amidst farming land, we use only organic methods of planting and harvesting. We also advocate the use of ecologically-sound ways to run the property which leaves a minimal carbon footprint.
Across the board, we have a proactive environmental policy, train our teams in ‘green’ thinking and to be as ‘green’ as possible.

As part of our social contribution, we make regular donations to the Faith Foundation, an NGO devoted to providing financial independence to destitute and widowed women and schooling to children living in the various slums of Delhi and the NCR region. The NGO that was established in September, 2003, strives towards providing the financially weak with the means to make a better livelihood.

We are also fully-involved members of numerous charitable institutions that work towards for the underprivileged. We are directly involved with the day-to-day running of The Oxford Square, an NGO that provides free and quality education for slum dwellers and under-privileged children in a safe and clean environment. We also provide reading and writing materials to the children who attend this school.

As a company, wildlife conservation is a cause we hold very close to our heart and we are always willing to throw our weight behind any eco-friendly crusade.  We are primary affiliates of TOFT, a unique international campaign advocating and supporting responsible tourism as a way to save the Tiger, India's wildlife and its wilderness areas. We also endorse SOS’s Bear Rescue Village that works for the humane treatment of Indian bears.